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Network Infrastructure Setup

Our engineer able to assist you to establish a stable, secure, flexible and affordable network. Our services included:

  1. Local Area Network
  2. Broadband ADSL internet connectivity (Streamyx)
  3. Wireless technology (Wifi, laser, or powerline)
  4. Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access company remotely
  5. Firewall
  6. Router
  7. Fiber Optic

Network Infrastructure Server Implementation
Network Infrastructure Server help you control and maintain your company network by avoid human error. Generally it suitable for a company consists more than 10 computers.
  1. Maintain your company IT infrastrure via DNS, DHCP, WINS and proxy server. Either using Microsoft Windows Server or Linux Server.
  2. Domain Controller- Centralize manage your users, computer, passwords, group, security policy via domain controller. Either using Microsoft Windows Server 2003/8 or Latest Ubuntu Linux Server 8.04.
Resource Server Implementation
Resource Server is one kind of server manager which store company resources. It can be your documents, your emails, your websites, you databases or your printers.
  1. File Server- Centralize manage all company digital documents, provide secure environment at the same time increase your employee efficiency to share, retrieve data. Highly recommended for company have more than 10 computers.
  2. Email Server - Email Server inside your company network, it delivery your email effective and effecient. Purchase this solutions can reduce your company bandwidth bottleneck. Recommended for company have more than 20 computers.
  3. Print Server -Share printer within computer, let your printer 24 hours online. Strong recommended if you frequently restart computer due to printing failure.
  4. Web Server - Want to make your company resource available to internet? Setting up web server in your company is best alternative for you.
  5. Database Server - Base on customer's existing envrironment, we recommend customer to have indipendent database server. We support Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql.

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